GTG on Innovative Pedagogical Methods for University Physics


Studies of undergraduate STEM education have shown that students need to be actively engaged in the learning process in order for it to be effective. A passive lecture environment (“teaching by telling”) has been shown to be largely ineffective in developing students’ skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Yet despite the abundant data indicating the shortcomings of the conventional lecture format, this continues to be the instructional mode that is prevalent in most institutions. With the advent of this new Thematic Group, we plan to address these issues with the hope of promoting active learning as a preferred method of instruction for physics at the university level.


Within the framework of this GTG, we envision covering the following objectives:

By promoting greater innovation in university-level physics pedagogy via this GTG, we believe that there are subsidiary benefits for GIREP — this has the potential to increase the scope and reputation of GIREP throughout the broader Physics Education community. Some points are outlined below:

GIREP members who are interested in participating in this GTG should contact the co-organizers: Gerald Feldman (George Washington University) at feldman[at] and Guillaume Schiltz (ETH Zürich) at schiltz[at]