GIREP Thematic Group: Strategies for Active Learning (SAL)

(by Claudio Fazio, University of Palermo, Italy)

As it is well known from the research literature, in order to effectively learn Physics students should do more than just listen to a lesson. They should be engaged in actively reading, writing, posing and discussing questions, gathering data from different sources, building models and in solving problems ultimately aimed at developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes. In Active Learning students are basically engaged in two aspects: doing things and reflecting about the things they are doing.

The Strategies for Active Learning (SAL) is a GIREP Thematic Group formed by teachers and researchers in Physics Education interested in promoting and deepening the understanding and use of active teaching/learning strategies in Secondary School. The main scope of SAL is to propose, compare, discuss and evaluate innovative, as well as more traditional strategies aimed at helping students to become engaged in assimilating the physics being taught in classrooms, as well as in informal settings, reflecting on their learning.


In order to achieve these objectives the SAL GTG will promote and support activities that foster communication and exchange among teachers and researchers interested in Active Learning, including the organization of Invited Symposia and Workshops at GIREP Conferences.

GIREP members interested in participating to SAL GTG and/or sharing their ideas and proposals can contact by email claudio.fazio[at]