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How to pay membership fees

The current fee is 30 EURO for one year.

The accounting year runs from January 1 to December 31. Fees paid after September in any year will be credited on the following year, unless the applicant specifies otherwise.

By bank transfer:

The fee can be paid by bank transfer into the following account:

(In case you need the address of the bank, it is: KBC Bank Boechout,  KC3720, Heuvelstraat 56, 2530 Boechout, Belgium.)

From the euro zone, a transfer is free of charge; otherwise, the members should pay all bank charges; please, arrange your payment that this is done. Please do not send cheques, it means high expenses!

Via PayPal:

A new possibility: The fee can be also paid via PayPal using the link ; please, transfer the money to If you have your own PayPal account you can send the money to a "friend"; this is free of charge. Othrewise, for example when you use your credit card to Pay via PayPal, please, add 2 Euros to the sum sent to cover transfer expenses.

Further notes

In case you prefer this, you may pay several years fees in advance.

After paying your membership fees (in any way), please send a note (by e-mail) to the Treasurer, confirming how much money you sent and when and for what years. This helps quite a lot to identify your payment.

Further information on membership fee payments (including the button for paying via PayPal using your credit card) is available for members after login in the section "Membreship fees". You will also find your membership fee payment history there.

It should be reminded that according the GIREP Statutes, Art.6,  §5: "Members not paying their yearly fee before the 1st of July of the current year are no longer considered as members." So, please, be so kind and pay your membership fee in time.

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